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Get More Than A New Roof. Get It With Kelly Care!

Kelly Care is a level of customer service and total satisfaction unmatched by Ontario roofing contractors. What is it? In its simplest form it’s the Kelly team treating every customer like the most important customer. And then the team takes it a step further, exceeding your expectations. Every time.

Complete Integrity

And honesty. We keep our word and we do what we promised. Every time. This philosophy keeps us successful. And more importantly, it’s what you deserve.

Personal Service

The Kelly team is empowered to address your questions and concerns so you’ll never have to wait for an answer or a manager’s approval. But a simpler way to put it is that we treat our customers the same way we treat our own family. And yes, we like our family.

We believe so strongly in Kelly Care that it is part of everything we do. This commitment to you is simply how we do business. So go ahead, expect the best from Kelly & Sons.

Highest Quality Materials

We deal only with the industry’s top-quality suppliers. Additionally, during our decades in business, we’ve had the opportunity to test and re-test the products we use. We stick with those that have stood the test of time, even if it costs us a bit more.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Installers

Many roofing companies hire new installers every summer only to lay them off when business slows during winter. Our roofers work for us year-round, which is why all of them have been with us for many years. Their experience means you don’t suffer from sloppy mistakes that could cause problems later on.

Most Jobs Completed on the Same Day

The average roofing company sends a crew of three to four roofers who take several days to finish a job. Our typical crew has nine installers, and most of the time, they complete the job in one day. This means less mess and less hassle for you and your neighbours.

Never a Mess on Your Property

We bring our own trailers to remove shingles from your property the same day we take them down. There will be no giant trash bins left in your driveway until we finish, and we do our utmost to leave your lawn and garden untouched by mess. In fact, if it weren’t for your great-looking roof, you might ask yourself if we were even there.

All-inclusive Pricing

Surprises can be a good thing, but not when a job costs more than you were told it would. When we give you a number, we stick to it. If you want to change your initial request, we’ll re-quote the job so you can have a new number. More importantly, we’ll never try to win your business by being the cheapest and then adding extra charges to make more money. That would lack integrity and Kelly Care is all about integrity.

Follow-up Satisfaction Program

After your job is done, we’ll always take your call. We make sure you are completely satisfied with all aspects of your new roof as well as our service. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll do what it takes to make it right. But we don’t stop there. About 30 days after your roof is installed, we’ll visit for a free secondary eavestrough cleaning. And if there are issues due to product quality or installation, we’ll take care of them at no charge.

Your Roof. Our Reputation.

Kelly & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1962.

We can put our experience and family approach to customer service to work for you!